Rescaling the X and Y axis on Data Explorer

You can manage the X and Y axis of a chart at your convenience.

Date: December 2, 2019 | Wizata platform version 3.12

It is possible to modify the ranges of the X and Y axis of your plots on Data Explorer.

The way the platform manages the settings of a plot is hierarchical. Taking as example a Scatter 2D plot, we can see the following hierarchy levels: Group and Data Point. Therefore, the settings applied to the Group will apply to all the Data Points in that group.


To Scale an axis you have to click on the Brush icon. Then, a menu will pop up with the option Scale Y Axis. The option Scale Y Axis admits 3 states:

- Selected: The axis are automatically scaled.

- Deselected: This option allows you to manually input the ranges you want for the axis in the fields Min Y Axis  and Max Y Axis.

- Hyphen: This option transfers the power to define what to do with an axis to the next lower level in the hierarchy (In this case, the Data Points):


In this example, since we choose to transfer the power of decision to the next level (hyphen), we can now repeat the same operation for each Data Point and specify the ranges of the axis per each Data Point separately.

In this case, we deselect the option Scale Y Axis. As said, this allows you to manually define the ranges for that axis yourself in the fields Min Y Axis  and Max Y Axis.

It can be seen now the ranges for the Y axis are the ones that have been manually input, 800 - 1000:

The same operation could be repeated to the other Data Point on the X axis.